25 Years of Life🎈

Today is my 25th birthday. A birthday at which most people are in their prime stage of life. Living in their one bedroom apartment with a full time job and lots of friends and activities on the weekends. Most people have yet to experience extreme hardships and health problems. That’s where I figured I would be on my 25th birthday. Instead I am living at home in my pink childhood bedroom, still getting labs drawn every week and just now finally about to start a real job for the first time. It’s not the life I planned for myself, but it’s what God planned for me and I’m thankful every day that I at least made it to 25.  Even though I’m not where most people are at 25, I have to remind myself that not many people have been through what I have.  24 was probably the worst year I have ever had and hopefully ever will have for the rest of my life.

This birthday I’m celebrating so much more than just another year, I’m celebrating being alive, being healthy and still cancer free. I’m celebrating that even though it’s years late, I’m about to start my first real job teaching 3rd grade. I’m celebrating being able to go to the gym and make my body mine again. I’m celebrating having someone who wants to spend the rest of their life with me and only me, despite everything I’ve been through. I’m celebrating having a family that isn’t perfect, but loves me and has been there for me through it all.  I’m celebrating that even though I’m not where I wanted to be at 25, that I am alive and healthy.  Lots of happy things to celebrate!

Not many people get to experience as much as I have before their 25th birthday. It’s been quite a life. But this next year looks to be a promising one! Many things to look forward to including starting a teaching job and feeling like a real adult, welcoming my new little niece into the world, trips and wedding plans, new friends, seeing how much my hair will grow and that after two more clear scans I get my port removed, which is the last thing that marks me having had cancer.

No matter what the year of being 25 holds, there’s no doubt in my mind that it will make up for the horrible year of 24. Sometimes it’s hard to not be jealous of all these other young people who have such happy and fun lives. I feel like my mind has aged a hundred years and will never be back to the young, worryfree person I used to be. But in some ways I’m glad. I feel like I see the world differently and I value my life and my plans for it even more. I have so many plans to travel and see the world as soon as possible because you never know when something else can stop what your doing and put your life on hold. 25 marks the beginning of another year to choose how I will live and how I will let God change and mold me into a better person. Most years I don’t really care about my birthday, but this year I feel like it is an honor to celebrate being 25.  Thank you God for this day ❤🎉🎈

One thought on “25 Years of Life🎈

  1. Even though you have had trials that no one wants to experience, God has matured you and brought you to a new understanding about life. Congratulations on your new job and I know those 3rd graders will have a great year. Blessings to you and the love of your life!!


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