One Month Post Chemo!

I can’t believe it’s already been a month since I finished chemo! 😮So far, so good! After being home for 2 weeks, I started nannying again for the same family I was working for before I got diagnosed. I am so thankful for them and how much they have supported and loved me through this journey. They said I could come back as soon as I felt up to it-I decided two weeks was long enough lol. It has been great to wake up and have something to do every day. I love taking care of these kiddos so much and it’s actually helped me get my energy and strength back too. 

As far as side effects, I haven’t really had any major ones.  I was pretty fatigued a couple days the first few weeks, I’ve had some headaches and some body soreness/ stiffness. I’ve also had some tightness and nerve pain in my back that I think might be an effect of all the spinal chemo but who knows. After being home two weeks I felt really crappy so I ended up getting a blood transfusion on a Saturday and since then I’ve been good. I lost nearly all of my eyebrows towards the end and all of my bottom lashes. Some of the top ones stayed lol. So I’m 4 weeks out and my hair still hasn’t really started growing back. People online say that after about a month it will start so I’m hoping it will start soon! With it getting cold I went out and bought a ton of beanies to start wearing 😊 Kinda excited about that!

I go back for my first PET scan post chemo on November 1st and then meet with the doctor. So excited to see Dr. Pawloski again! ❤️ Mr. Hamilton who got my same chemo, just did his first scan and it came back clear! So hoping mine will be too! 

That’s about all that’s going on for now! Enjoying the fall weather and my favorite time of year 🎃🍁🍂 I also started going to the gym again this week! Bald head and all ☺️

Here are some picture updates:

Finally ringing the bell!
Saying goodbye to my favorite nurse
Me and Mr. Hamilton
good day! 🙂
Blood transfusion 😑
Cousin visit💕
Back to nannying!
Gunnar and I watched the boys for a weekend!
Waiting for the parade

Back to the gym! 💪🏼

Xoxo, Megan 💕💕

2 thoughts on “One Month Post Chemo!

  1. I am so glad that you are doing so well one month after chemo. I also received some good news. I had a scan on Oct. 17 and the scan came back that the liver tumor was barely visible if at all on this scan and the lymphnode in my lower left pelvis is still stable and there is no new evidence of cancer growth so I am very thankful for that. In just a few short weeks will be my 1 yr since DX. I will be glad to celebrate the holidays this year “well” and away from the hospital. not getting chemo. I was DX’d 2 days before Thanksgiving and got to come home for it and then had my first round of cheme 12/22-12/24 so I did not feel good for Christmas last year and I asked if I could have an extra week off for Christmas this year. So, I am looking forward to Turkey dinner and gifts around the tree. 🙂


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