Half way through round 3

Well the past week was pretty amazing! I got to celebrate 4th of July with my boyfriend and family and then also drive to Savannah to see Gunnar from Thursday through Sunday before I had to come back to the hospital this week. These days I completely forget I even have cancer. I’m just having fun and living like I normally would. Here are some pics from 4th of July and adventures with Gunny…. 


4th from sissy and me
Special buddies 😊💗👶🏼
My awesome family!
Sparklers!! 💥


our favorite place to watch the sunset


A little walk on the beach! 🏖
About to meet Gunnar’s family for the first time! 😳
They were awesome! 😊 We had a great time!
Saturday night show at the Savannah Theatre 🎤🎷🎸🎟
Today is Wednesday! That means I’m already half way through my third round of chemo. 😊 I got here early Monday morning and got my port accessed and labs drawn and then most of the day was spent waiting for my chemo to get started. Because my doctor was on vacation until Thursday, another doctor was taking over for the beginning of the week and I didn’t end up starting my first chemo bags till 9:30pm 😳 I was also really disappointed to find out that they were increasing my chemo by 20% again because my blood counts only dropped to 700, and in order for them to keep the chemo at its previous strength they needed to drop to at least 500. This makes me really nervous because last time they increased it and when I got home I had a lot harder side effects like bad stomach pain, bone pain and nerve issues where my skin hurt all over. Increasing it again most likely means it will be a bit worse this time. But hopefully my counts will drop really low, anywhere between 500 and 0, so next time they don’t have to increase it again. The reason they want my blood counts to drop so low is because the more of my white blood cells they kill off, the more aggressively they are killing any possible cancer cells remaining in my body. 


Ready for round 3!
Port Needle In👍🏼
Monday night I ate good and also used the bike in my room to ride a few miles and keep my muscles alive. After Wednesday I don’t get out of bed much so I try and get up and about as much as I can the first two days. Tuesday is always an easy day. I woke up and had breakfast, washed up and got changed, met with my doctors, went for a good walk, and then my sister and nephew came to visit. The doctors all keep telling me how great I’m really doing with the chemo and how sure they are that I will completely recover from it which is always encouraging. The doctors both said that they would talk about giving me some drugs and monitoring me during my spinal chemo this time because it was so traumatic for me last time and they don’t want me to suffer since I still have to do it 4 more times 😢 


cookies and teddy bear gift! 😁
Dinner time Monday
Bike ride time


dressed and ready for the day
Little man of course cheered me up
Huddy kisses 💗😘
sissy and nephew💗

Jumping on the chair 😋
snack cravings from my sister 😁


Well, today is Wednesday morning. I slept pretty good last night and am still feeling ok. It’s about 6am as I write this. My nurse usually wakes me up around 5am to take blood for labs from my port and check my vitals.  I’m always really anxious today until my spinal chemo. Hoping that they really will give me something to relax me this time like they all said they would.  Fingers crossed!! I’m scheduled to go down around 12:30pm. Gonna try and go back to sleep for a bit now😴………………………………………..


I survived another intrathecal chemo. Barely..They gave me some Ativan before I went down to help me relax but when you know you’re about to get multiple needles in your back and spine it doesn’t really help.  Once again it was horrible and painful. Full of crying and hyperventilating that they had to put me on oxygen and asked if I wanted to stop for the day. They ended up having to move up to a different spot on my spine and start all over because the original spot had been used too many times and had scar tissue or something. So after I had already been numbed and stuck in one spot, they started one on another spot and numbed it and put the needle in and administered the chemo. So an hour and a half later I am back in my room laying flat for the next two hours, dealing with a little post traumatic stress while my mom feeds me lunch.  All the nurses and especially mommy are always heartbroken watching me suffer 😢

lots of tears later..

Best Mommy Ever

It sucked, but I was a fighter. I didn’t make them stop and I let them finish all the way cause I know how important it is for me to get that medicine.  I just kept breathing and biting on my special blankie shirt to keep me from crying so hard. And squeezed my nurses hand who has been there for all of them so far.  I pray that I once again will not get a spinal headache because they still used a smaller needle and are keeping me on another steroid to help prevent the headache too. I’ll know by the end of today or tomorrow if it worked!   

That is usually the worst part of my week so I’m glad it’s over! The doctors are still trying to figure out things to help with my side effects once I get home. The stomach pain, the skin sensitivity, some bone pain. The naturopath has suggested some supplements that can help with these if I can get them approved by my Doctor P.  He has been on vacation but should be back tomorrow! 

Hoping the next few days will run smoothly with little nausea and pain. And especially no spinal headache!! I have had wonderful nurses this round and really appreciate the extra love and comfort they give to me, just like I am their own child 💗 It really does make a difference. 

Once I get home, the side effects usually hit pretty hard and the first week is pretty miserable with me and spent mostly in bed. Last time it was great to have no spinal headache, but in its place I had horrible stomach pain that kept me in bed with a heating pad for days. Hopefully they will be able to give me some new supplements to support my body in fighting through these side effects this time! I’m hangin in there! 😊

———————————-Hospital Address: 🏥 Here M-F, Weeks of July 11, August 1, August 22, September 12. 

Megan Rodriguez

Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Southeastern Regional Medical Center 

600 Celebrate Life Parkway 

Newnan, GA 30265 


Home Address:🏡

Megan Rodriguez 

4258 Shipyard Trace NE

Roswell, GA 30075

18 thoughts on “Half way through round 3

  1. You are a champion, Meggie! Our hearts & prayers are with you each step of the way. Half way done now-almost. Praying the rest of the week goes easier for you & that when you get home the side effects are very minimal. Stay strong because you ARE doing this!!💗💗

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  2. I am amazed by you! Prayers that this week will go by quickly and that you will have a better first week after chemo at home. Thankful that you are almost halfway to complete healing.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Megan, you are beautiful and so strong. Your doctor’s are right, you are doing GREAT!!! I just know you will beat this and I am praying for you!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Continuing to lift you up in prayer and trusting God to be your “ever present help” and “strong tower” in the storm. Praying you will feel a strength beyond yourself, peace that rests your mind, and love that holds you tight…”Higher than the mountains that I face, stronger than the power of the grave, constant through the trial and the change…one thing remains…one thing remains…Your love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me.” “One Thing Remains” by Jesus Culture/Kristian Stanfill…much love to you and all those you love!

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  5. Megan you have handled this round and all the other rounds of chemo with such grace and dignity. I see you suffering and yet you never complain. You have such a quiet spirit that truly amazes me! It is an honor and privilege to be able to come along side of you not only as your “caregiver” but your mom!💗 It’s almost time to pound our nuckles because day 3 is almost done! Only 2 more days and we will have you back home in your own “almost” comfy bed! Lol…..😳

    I love you so much!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. What a beautiful smile. You are an inspiration Megan and I love your bald head! You look great. I love the way you have not changed your life, you are having fun and enjoying it as much as possible, which is the best medicine there is. God be with you.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. You are such an inspiration of determination and strength. Your blog posts show what a beautiful soul you have and it is that inner strength and beauty that will get you through this. You have a great support network, but know even those of us you have never met are praying for you. Keep being strong!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Megan,

    Spencer has been sharing your blog. I knew Spencer and Ashley for a short period of time in the NewlyWed group. I have been reading your blogs, and I am praying for you to fight this! You are a survivor 🙂 Keep on smiling and living your life to the fullest. You are an inspiration!

    Ashley Emanuel

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  9. Each time I read your blog im more in awe over your strength going through this. They say God only gives you what you can handle, but you are just amazing! JUST AMAZING!! Praying for comforting days to come!

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  10. God is good! I’m so proud of you for getting through each and everyday with such grace! I know God has an incredible plan for you Megs and nothing you go through in your life will be wasted He will use it for His glory. I thank Him everyday for the courage and strength He is giving you to run the race and fight this nasty cancer! You are a fighter! You will kick cancers butt and you will be a blessing to all who hear your story. Love you so much! Sending you big hugs and continuous prayers. Love Auntie Debbie

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  11. Megs….I’ve read today’s blog a few times and this is what I know to be true…you are a fighter…you are beautiful with and without out hair…you have a quiet but deep faith…And did I mention how beautiful you are…on the inside and out….I’m so glad you made it through a hard day…2 more days till you’re back home….praying especially that your first week home is easier with less side effects …thankful you have an amazing family and you have your mom there as your “caregiver”. What a blessing!!! I love you so much! Praying daily and believing for total healing!!!

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  12. Megan, we are praying for you! I know God is giving you the strength and courage to get through this because it shows in your beautiful attitude towards a really crummy situation. So glad for the many blessings He is sending! We are praying that the side effects are tolerable and that you don’t need to increase the dose next time.


  13. Hi Megan. I am in the process of completing round #13 this week. I went in for treatment at the office Wednesday morning. I come home with an infusion pump for 46 hrs every treatment week. So far things are going well this round. I am really hoping for minimal side effects after pump disconnect as I have plans with family to go to a local concert. I also have neuropathy in my hands. They tingle all the time and my insides are usually bound up for a couple days which requires Colace daily to help keep things moving. I will be thinking of you and praying that your side effects are minimal this round. I could not imagine having needles stuck in my back, dealing with spinal headaches, and the pain that you do!! But you know what, we are warriors and our God is with us every step of the way!!!


  14. Dear Megan,

    I have had the honor and blessing to get to know you through your blog. Thank you for sharing your story. I love looking at your beautiful pictures. You are a true fighter and a beautiful person inside and out. You have survived some really tough days and Your strength is an inspiration to so many going through hard times. Myself and my 3 sweet children are praying for you nightly for a full cancer free recovery.

    Your Neighbor,


  15. Hi Megan! My name is Peggy Stratton . Im 47 years old & I’m a Cancer patient @ CTCA in Newnan, GA. I’ve been battling cervical Cancer since Jan 2, 2013. I live in Lawrenceburg,KY & previously took treatments in Lexington, KY @ UK Markey Cancer ctr…one of the best Cancer centers in out home state. I had good doctors & they did everything they could for me but they had exhausted all options. In May 3, 2916, I was told there was nothing more they could do for me except hospice care ( oxygen, pain meds,& nausea meds.) to make my quality of life the best it could be for the remainder of my life (life expectancy was 6 months if I done well). Because my Cancer has metastasized to both my lungs, lymph nodes in my chest, left kidney, colon, pertinoeal lining of my abdomenial cavity, and a brain MRI on June 3rd @ CTCA showed I know have a tumor on the middle of my brain which is causing headaches & blurred vision. Found out yesterday the tumor has almost doubled since June 3, 2016. Will start radiation on my brain 7/21. Enough about me but I wanted to introduce myself & say what a joy it was to meet ur mom last night in the 3rd floor laindry room. She was so sweet & shared ur story & ur blog with me. You are a very beautiful young lady & u look like ur mom. I admire ur strength & courage… I know u are such an inspiration to so many other people. I feel God is going to use ur situation just like mine to bring about good things. I pray ur side effects will be minimial & I hope get the opportunity to meet u face to face one day. Btw, in the past I had a drug which was the generic for cymbalta ( u start out w/30 mg & increase to 60/mg…same thing when they take u off it) but it really helped my neuropathy. Best of luck to you & God bless you & keep you. Please read psalm: 118: 17-18. It’s some verses God has been speaking to me since I arrived @ CTCA on June 1, 2016….I apologize in advance for typos, etc. my blurred vision is getting worse day by day but God can and will take it away.


  16. My family continues to pray for your full recovery and for the side effects to be minimal. I am so sorry that you are going through all of this and hope that it will get easier and that you will be through this very soon and the cancer will be gone forever. God bless you, your sweet family and the caregivers that are loving on you.


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