Third Time’s A Charm

After meeting oncologists at two other hospitals and not being completely impressed by their knowledge of my cancer and plan for treatment, we decided to go to Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Newnan, GA for a third opinion. 

From the time we got there, the vibe of the whole place and the staff were just amazing. The building looks like a Disney resort hotel and didn’t have the usual creepy hospital feel and smell. The staff were all smiles and just so so sweet to us. Although I wasn’t thrilled about another meeting with doctors all day long, plus having a horrible headache from my lumbar puncture, I was definitely feeling a little more positive once I got there and started meeting everyone. 


My “super happy to be here” face
We met with the oncologist and omg. He was amazing. He sat and talked with us for over 2 hours and his nurse was the sweetest woman too. He just had so much knowledge about what he wanted to do and had all the research to back it up and was so kind and patient. Even though he has several other patients, be made us feel like I was the only one and had even said that they had all been talking about me for days before I even arrived.  His treatment plan is 6 rounds of dose adjusted R-EPOCH and probably no radiation.  He firmly believes that this is the absolute best option for me and will give me the best chances of beating it for good. Dr. P is by far my favorite doctor I’ve ever met. He makes me feel safe and supported and that’s so important to me when going through all of this. 

After meeting the oncologist there was also a pastor who came and talked to me and they have regular services there at the center and the paster prays over the whole team of doctors and nurses at every meeting. Amazing. 

I also met with a nutritionist and a naturopath doctor. They offer so much support to help with the side effects of chemo and try and keep your body healthy.  They try and make your time going through chemo as easy as possible with everything they have the ability to provide for you. 

There were lots of other little meetings and stuff and every single person I met was just super sweet and caring and personal. They treated me like I was their most important patient and made me feel so comfortable there. 

After meeting with all the doctors they wanted me to get a couple more tests and also wanted to put my port in so I could go ahead and start chemo Monday. After crying for like 5 hours and being absolutely terrified of it, I did survive getting my port put in. The nurses and the anesthesiologist were the best and so sweet and comforting to me. They promised to take great care of me and they definitely did. They gave me an IV and I was out. Woke up and it was done! I got pain pill for once the numbing stuff wore off and it definitely has been sore today. 

If you don’t know, a port is a little plastic/rubber insert that is surgically put in your chest and connected to an artery so you don’t have to get poked every time you do chemo or have blood drawn. It’s right under your skin so they just poke a little needle right into the rubber part and it pumps the medicine throughout your body. Here is what is looks like:

And here is what mine looks like in my’s just about a one inch incision and then my skin is raised about a one cm bump from where the body of the port is. It looks weird but it’s not so bad. Especially since it’s completely covered by my shirt normally. It’s sore right now but everyone says I will be so thankful for it since I won’t have to get any more IV’s and they can even draw blood from it. 
After the port was in and I did my recovery time, we got back home at like 9pm. Longest day of my life but I think it was worth it! 

  • So the plan is: start my first round of chemo this Monday, May 30. Happy Memorial Day to me 🙄 I will do 6 rounds of R-EPOCH chemo. Each round is 4-5 days admitted in the hospital and then I will go home for 2 weeks. On those 2 weeks I will have labs done twice a week to make sure my blood counts don’t get too low and I don’t get sick. Then I will go back to the hospital for the next round! 

Also, apparently I get a pretty sweet, new, big room 😊 I’ll post pictures when I get there! Ready to start this so I can finish it! Wish me luck!💗👍🏼  

And got a visit from my sister, brother in law and nephew today while recovering from my port surgery 😁💙 



15 thoughts on “Third Time’s A Charm

  1. Glad you found the perfect place for your get well treatments! Prayers as you get started on your journey to wellness. We will all be cheering you on……

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We are all praying for you!
    I am one of your sister’s coaches and my family has been praying for you daily since I heard the news.
    God is good and he will carry you through this in his arms!!


  3. I know a woman who recently returned from one of these centers. Her comments resonate with yours. Having a team of compassionate, loving, and knowledgeable practitioners has already made a difference for you. Thank you for sharing all these aspects of your journey. You make it easy for people to love and support you.

    I know Debby from Sierra. You are one lucky woman to have her as your mom.


  4. Very important that you feel comfortable with your doctors and so glad you found it! You’re strong like your mom. 😊


  5. Megan
    I am so glad you trust those delivering your care! Thank you for blogging your journey with us. Many here are praying daily for you and your family. Love Becky and David


  6. Megan,
    Of course everyone was sweet to you. You are the one of the loveliest young ladies I have ever met. Not just physically, but in spirit. Your joy and love for everyone and everything beams onto all of those around you with your incredible smile and sparkling eyes. A lot of adjectives? You embody them all. I cannot imagine why God has put you on this path but I know the end result will be phenomenal for you because He loves you and has the very best in mind for you. Praying you through this journey-
    Mrs. Helms


  7. Julene and I will pray for you in church today. I am glad you are at the cancer care center. They are wonderful places and make the patients a number one priority. Good luck with your treatments and keep on smiling.


  8. Megan, I am so glad you found a place for your treatment. Sounds like you are in good hands, but most of all, you’re in GOD’S HANDS. I am praying for you.


  9. Hi Megan. Am lifting you up in prayer for strength and comfort for you and your brother and your sister and your mom and dad and am lifting up your medical team up in prayer for wisdom. The journey will be tough, but will have great rewards. I hope you will be able to feel all the prayer that is coming your way!!


  10. Megan, you’ve turned into quite a strong young woman, blossoming from the shy little girl whom we used to take to school one day a week. We are praying for you, for your healing, for wisdom for the doctors, and for your family.


  11. Hi Megan,
    I am friends of your parents from college. Your mom has been keeping me posted and I have been praying for you often. Hoping and praying for a full and fast recovery for you!!! You are blessed to have such an amazing and wonderful family in your life!!! God has got this for you!!!


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