Can you imagine that kind of love?

I recently came across this story of a pastor in South Korea who created a mailbox to save unwanted babies. (Watch a clip above) When I first watched it, I was absolutely amazed.  This man saw babies abandoned and left to die on the street because they had a disability or deformity that made them undesirable to their parents. They had a “problem” so they didn’t deserve to be loved?…Pastor Lee looked at these children and saw value and beauty.  He didn’t care how they looked on the outside-he saw them as beautiful creations of God. He dedicated his life to taking in these children and raising them with the love they deserve. Can you imagine that kind of love? That someone looked at you, saw all of your flaws, and still loved you. That is the very definition of God. God IS love! (1 John 4:8)

How often do we turn away people just because they are undesirable or have qualities that bother us?  We pick and choose which people we love and which people we dedicate our time to.  When is the last time you fully sacrificed your time to shower someone else with love, even if they didn’t reciprocate it?  It’s easy to love someone when they are doing right by us..but what about people who hurt us and stab us in the back? People who are different than us or who seem to argue with everything you have to say? The way we love is usually very “pick and choose”.  I think all of us struggle with this.  We love some people..when it’s convenient for us..and even if we don’t say it, we usually expect some type of reciprocation..The guy in the film says, “I want people to know what God’s love is like. It’s a gritty, I will do anything and give everything for you love..even if you don’t deserve it.” What a perfect definition of our Father’s love! The last part is key: EVEN if you DON’T deserve it.

Can you imagine a world where we all loved like that? A world where we dedicated every ounce of ourselves toward loving others no matter what we got in matter how horrible they have treated us or what kind of life they have lived.  Sometimes people just need love. They need to know that someone is on their side when the whole world seems to be against them. We ALL need that kind of love. “He works through the lives of very broken people and makes something beautiful out of them.” When we choose to see people the way God sees them, it really makes the whole world seem different.  If you love someone because you are expecting to get something out of it, you will sadly almost always be disappointed. I have found that out the hard way many, many times. But if you love just to love..just because you truly want to show what God’s love is all about..expecting nothing in won’t be let down.  Maybe your one act of love could save someone and change their life forever.  Because there is nothing greater than God’s love! He can work at any time, through anyone.  If you haven’t already, I encourage you to watch the clip on Pastor Lee, it is truly inspiring!


 “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.”

1 John 4:8

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